Board Members

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    R. Lynn Horne, MD - Executive Director
    Gwen Krogen - President
    Lonnie Hammergren, MD - President-Elect
    Ronald York - Treasurer


    Don Ashworth
    Robert Atwater
    George Crowl
    David Dwyer
    Brad Epstein, MD
    Eric Farbman, MD
    Mary Headley
    Christopher Horne
    Deborah Martz, RN
    Craig Murray, PhD
    Scott Olifant, Esq.
    Wynne Ritch
    Marc Salls
    Judy Stone
    William Stone, MD
    Clint Yates, MD

Advisory Board

    Rick Bedsworth

News about Board Members

    Craig Murray was honored with BSA's Hornaday Gold Medal this year, 2014.  The recepient must have rendered distinguished and unusual service to natural resource conservation and environmental improvement for at least 20 years and must have cited accomplishments at the regional or national level.